December 1, 2021

RockARM – 3D Printable package

Today we’re going to step through the process of 3D printing the RockARM Home Edition parts! Click the link below to download the complete package, zipped and compressed. Please take a moment to read through the contained README file, for special instructions to successfully print the parts, especially the main housing...

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September 23, 2021

AWD eScooter

This is my latest project, IRL 🙂 Most of my projects are computer-related, and though this one has some technical electronic aspects to it, it’s largely a mechanical and electrical engineering project. I’ve been fascinated with the development of electric scooters over the years. In recent years with companies getting in...

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April 2, 2021


Welcome to OMG The Cloud! My focus is on tutorials for IT professionals, both seasoned and new. I also will veer off to share some personal projects at times too. Enjoy, and let me know if there’s additional content you’d like to see! You can find my YouTube channel here, and...

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