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RockARM – Hardware Build

Welcome back! If you’ve been following along in my RockARM series, and already 3D printed your RockARM case, then it’s time to fill it with some delicious hardware! In the video below, I take you through the hardware components and assembly, tools and tricks for getting everything built up nicely. After you watch the video, come on back and take a look through the parts list with links!

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.. SO! That’s the hardware. Next, you’ll probably want to know where to get it all, right? Here’s links to everything you need. Some of these are affiliate links, which I may earn a small commission in exchange for using them. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but helps support these projects. What could be easier?!

RockPi4A5Open LinkChoose 64GB eMMC version
RockPi Heatsinks5Open LinkNeed heatsink for each unit
Penta SATA Hat1Open LinkSATA adapter for the storage / NAS node
Noctua 80mm fan1Open LinkSilent 80mm fan
12TB 3.5″ HDD2Open LinkCan choose larger or smaller,
but must have 2 drives for mirroring!
150W PicoPSU1Open LinkCompact DC-to-DC power supply
12v Power Brick1Open Link12v Power Brick, to drive the DC-to-DC PSU
CAT6 connector1Open LinkKeystone CAT6 RJ45 coupler jack
8 port Gb switch1Open LinkExtremely compact Gigabit switch
6 in CAT6 cables1Open LinkShort, thin, fast CAT6! 5-pack
12 in CAT6 cables1Open LinkJust a little longer, to reach the other side! 5-pack
12v DC Barrel Jacks1Open LinkPack of DC barrel jacks
Female JST pigtails1Open LinkOnly need the Female ends. Good to have extra!
Voltage regulator1Open LinkNeed these to provide 9v to Gb Switch!
Brass wood screws1Open LinkAssorted course wood screws for assembly
M2.5 screws1Open LinkAssorted M2.5 stainless screws
iFixIt screwdriver kit1Open LinkThe last screwdriver kit you’ll ever need!
The shopping list!

There it is! This should get you everything you need to get your RockARM built out and on to the next step! A couple notes: the RockPi4A units are sometimes harder to get on Amazon due to supply, but can usually be cheaper when factoring in the alternative of ordering them from China or Europe with International shipping costs.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that you can use the RockPi4B or C models if you wanted to. The reason I selected the model A for this project is the main difference is, the model A does not have WiFi or Bluetooth, which we do not need for this project; may as well save some money! But, if you are only able to find the model B or C variations, they will work exactly the same!

Finally, check out the final assembly with wiring instructions.. video right here!

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