Projects · April 7, 2021

iPhone MagSafe Hack

This project was a lot of fun, and slightly terrifying at the same time. You take a perfectly good iPhone XR with not a scratch on it, and tear it down, void its’ warranty, all to install a ring of magnets so it will work with MagSafe. What could possibly go wrong?! Fortunately, it did in fact work out the way I had planned. Check out the teardown video for some guidance on placing the  magnets, and let me know how you do!

Here’s the parts list and tools you may need for this

iFixIt ultimate tool set:
MagSafe Magnets:
iPhone XR screen seal:
iPhone XR battery adhesive:
Apple MagSafe charger:
Anker MagSafe Desk charger:
Car MagSafe Charger (minimalist):
Car MagSafe Charger (orientation):

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